Getting In Home Massage Through Insurance

Many people don’t know it but if you have been injured in a car accident, sustained a work injury, or suffered a personal injury, chances are very good that you have medical benefits through an insurance company or government agency that will cover the cost of therapeutic massage when prescribed by a Physician. This includes in-home massage.

By following the guidelines below, it is possible for us to have a qualified Massage Therapist at your door for your first therapy sessions within about one week’s time or less.

In order to first determine whether or not we can provide this service to you, here are a few important qualifying questions:

1. Do you have medical payments benefits available through your insurance policy?

In order for us to provide our services to you at little to no out of pocket expense you will need to have some medical benefits available through your insurance policy.  Car insurance policies will vary state by state.  Some states provide mandatory medical benefits coverage while in other states it is an optional benefit you pay for.  Most Workers’ Compensation programs will usually preauthorize services in specific amounts.  Liability insurance policies will also cover therapeutic massage. If you do not know whether or not you have benefits available we will be happy to help you to make that determination.  If there are no benefits available, or any benefits that were available have been exhausted due to other medical treatments, we will not be able to provide our service through your insurance. We are unable to take an attorney’s “Letter of Protection” (a promise to pay upon legal settlement at a later date).

2. Do you have a prescription for massage therapy from a doctor or chiropractor?

Unlike Physicians, Massage Therapists are unable to independently diagnose and treat individuals for purposes related to insurance reimbursement.  Therefore it is imperative that you have consulted with a Physician who has determined that massage therapy is medically necessary in order to treat any injuries you may have sustained in a given accident.

3. Can our therapist come to your home to provide the service?

We do not have therapy centers or clinics where you can come to receive therapy. We are a totally “mobile” or “on-site” service provider. If you are looking for a place to go for therapy, you would need to find an alternative provider. That being said, if a qualified therapist you already know and wish to work with has a licensed facility where the service can be performed, and that therapist does not accept insurance, we may be able to arrange something with the therapist to make this possible.

If you answered yes to the questions above, there is an excellent chance that we can provide in-home massage to treat your injury using your available insurance benefits.

Let’s get the ball rolling:

1. Provide us with your contact and claim information.

You can call us or use our online form at right to provide some basic information about yourself and your claim.

2. Sign and return a few forms.

We will need your authorization to communicate with the insurance company or other Payor about your claim, and your authorization allowing them to compensate us for our services. We can send you a link to a simple two-part form which can be signed digitally online.

3. Send us your prescription.

While we can get the process started without it, we will need a valid prescription prior to starting any treatments. If you have already seen a doctor about your injury, they may not require an additional visit to write the prescription. Please contact your doctor and request a prescription that indicates Massage Therapy, and also includes a diagnosis or diagnosis codes. That can be emailed or faxed to us by you or directly by the doctor’s office.

Commencing Therapy:

Once we’ve taken care of the three steps above, we are ready to assign your therapist and schedule your first visit. We will consult with you to help understand your individual needs and preferences so that we can select the best available therapist who we believe will be a good fit for you. Massage is very subjective and people like different kinds of therapists. Most of the time our first choice for our patients is a winner, but if for any reason you are not satisfied with the first therapist we dispatch, let us know right away and we will immediately try to find a suitable replacement. This is an important part of our service to you.

When you have settled in with a therapist you are comfortable with, scheduling visits is simple. You can either discuss scheduling with the therapist at the time of the visit, or call us any time for any scheduling needs or with any questions or concerns. Your therapist will be sending in reports after each visit, and we will be submitting these reports and our bills for reimbursement. If you would like to know what we bill per session for “Medical Massage”, do not hesitate to ask us.

Post Therapy Services:

Our service to you doesn’t always stop when therapy is finished or benefits run out. We will also work with any related entities such as attorneys or case managers in the event that  we need to provide documentation on your progress, provide itemized billing statements, etc.