Boston Auto Injury Massage Therapy In Home Through Insurance

Have you had the misfortune of being injured my car accident in the greater Boston area? Our company is here to provide in-home therapeutic massage through auto insurance for those who have been injured and having the benefits available to help pay for medical bills associated with the car accident.

Anyone who has ever spent any time driving around Boston cannot be surprised that accidents are common (even though nearly a third of Bostonians use public transit). One of the best things about the service that we provide is that you don’t even have to get into a car to go and get your massage therapy we come right to your door in Boston!

Boston Auto Injury Massage Therapy In HomeHow does it work? Basically we simply need to obtain a little bit of information from you including, ideally, a prescription from a physician or chiropractor indicating that massage would be helpful in your recovery from your injury, plus a few other standard forms and your claim information. From that point we can go ahead and communicate with your insurance company and commence the process of getting your claim verified And finally selecting and assigning a qualified licensed and insured therapist who can come to your home in Boston to provide the therapeutic massage.

It should also be noted that not only is a service convenient and that we come to you but we also operate seven days and evenings the week so we aim to work around your schedule. We also do have a wide variety of massage therapist available and we will do our best to find one that is most suited to you that means that if the first person we sent you is not the perfect fit we are happy to continue the process of defining an alternative until you’re satisfied with the therapy you are receiving.

Give us a call today so we can discuss your case in your claim and try to get things started under most circumstances from our first phone call we can have somebody out to you within about one week.

Call us today at 888-929-9355!