Baltimore MD Workers Comp Massage Therapy In Home Through Insurance

If you’ve been injured at work and have an active workers comp claim either through private insurance company or a state local or federal agency we are able to provide in-home therapeutic massage in Baltimore through your workers comp claim.Baltimore MD Workers Comp Massage Therapy In Home

We are specialists of providing in-home therapeutic massage for those who have been injured and we will work with you to find a therapist to come provide the most effective therapy possible so that you can reduce pain and Make steady progress towards getting better and recovering from your injury.

Our in-home Worker’s Compensation massage services in Baltimore are extremely convenient. Not only do we come to your home but we also operate every day of the week Monday through Friday plus weekends mornings and evenings.

One thing that also distinguishes us from some other providers is that there is virtually no limit to the number of therapists that we have access to. You are not forced to settle on simply the therapist available at a specific facility due to the nature of our business model we can dispatch any licensed massage therapist to your home who lives in the area and whom we feel is going to be a good fit for you. It goes without saying that all of our therapists are qualified, licensed and insured.

All we have to do to get started just obtain a little bit of information about your claim so that we can verify it with the claims manager and received the authorization to commence with treatment from that point we can usually have our first choice of therapist to your home within about a week or less.

The easiest way to move forward is to simply give us a ring during the weekdays although you can also reach us evenings and weekends at 888-929-9355

Baltimore fun facts: Founded 1729 and named after Lord Baltimore (Cecilius Calvert), who was the first Proprietary Governor of the Province of Maryland.