Baltimore MD Auto Injury Massage Therapy In Home Through Insurance

Have you suffered a car accident injury in the Baltimore area? Would therapeutic massage hope you to recover from your injury?Baltimore MD Auto Injury Massage Therapy In Home

For many years here at the body well we have helped people just like you get better and have made it as convenient as possible by providing our therapeutic massage services in home any day of the week including nights and weekends!

Many people don’t even realize that massage therapy is a benefit available to those who have sustained serious injuries and accidents but the truth is that all of the auto insurance companies will provide reimbursement to massage therapy providers. The fact that we are not only able to bill your insurance for services but also are able to send a prescreened licensed massage therapist to your home in Baltimore at a time that is convenient for you makes us quite different.

The procedure to get things started is not overly complicated. First of all we require you to have a prescription from your doctor so that we can work from that has massage therapists are not able to independently diagnose any illnesses or injury. Beyond that all this is generally required is another sign form and some information about your claim so that we can go ahead and verify things with your insurer.

We’d be more than happy to discuss all of this over the phone with you if you’d like to give us a call so we can answer all of your questions and get the ball rolling.

Call us today to talk about how we can provide in-home massage therapy in Baltimore to help you recover from your car accident. We can service you anywhere in the area, inside or outside the beltway! Call us any day up until 10 PM at 888 929-9355.