Provide Massage Through Insurance

Provide Massage Through Insurance – Work with Us

Thank you for your interest in working with us!

There are three different ways that we work with Massage Therapists. Read below to see how we can work together:

1. Bring your patient with you

We are experts at providing massage through certain kinds of insurance where benefits are available and massage is deemed medically necessary by a physician. Most Massage Therapists do not have the interest, experience, or cash reserves required to deal with insurance billing and all the hassles that comes with it. To put it simply, if you know someone or have a client who was injured in an accident and has insurance benefits (auto insurance, workers comp, personal injury) but you do not accept insurance yourself, you can refer this patient to us and we can take their insurance. If the patient requests you personally to be their therapist and you are properly licensed and insured, we will be happy to contract you in order to accommodate the patient’s specific request. You would then be paid a standard fee per session on a weekly basis regardless of the insurance billing issues of which we assume full responsibility. In order to comply with State and Federal laws regarding patient brokering and kick-backs, we do not offer any referral fees, bonuses or special considerations in exchange for the patient referral. If you have a patient you’d potentially like to refer, please call our main number and use extension 3.

2. Apply for a specific opportunity that we have advertised

Our Medical Massage services are available nationwide. It would be virtually impossible for us to maintain an active roster of hand-picked therapists in every corner of the United States. Therefore, we will occasionally advertise for specific opportunities to work with one of our patients as needed in a given geographical area. If we have advertised an opportunity and your experience, skills and availability match our requirements, we may contract you to work with a specific patient. There is also the chance, depending on your location, that we could make other general outcall opportunities available. Please follow the instructions provided in the job posting if applicable, and visit our jobs portal and complete our online application if interested in a specific opportunity.

3. Apply to become a regular “Roster Therapist”

Body Well Therapy Mobile Massage (the parent company of provides general mobile massage services (including not only medical massage but also regular in-home and hotel massage, plus chair massage services) in a few established regions as well as others coming soon. Currently we have all of the above services available throughout most of Florida and the Washington DC Metro area. If you reside in one of these areas and are fully licensed, you can apply to become a Roster Therapist for normal on-call work. Much more information is provided if you register and log into our jobs portal. Eventually we plan to provide these services in additional major markets such as New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, etc. You are welcome to submit your information for us to keep on file if you live in a large metro area so we can contact you when the time comes. Please visit our jobs portal and complete an application carefully and thoroughly for consideration now of in the future.