Massage Through Insurance for Auto, Work & Personal Injury At Home

We provide in-home massage therapy through insurance to those who have been injured. If you have been injured in a car accident, at work, or suffered a personal injury, and medical benefits are available through your claim to pay for your recovery, we can accept your doctor’s prescription for massage therapy and treat you in your own home., operated by Body Well Therapy Mobile Massage, specializes exclusively in treating accident victims, under the direction of a physician’s prescription. We make it as simple and convenient as possible by providing massage and manual therapy in the comfort of our patient’s homes, days, nights and weekends, anywhere in the United States.

Therapeutic massage is widely recognized as an incredibly effective way to treat certain kinds of injuries. In particular, it is helpful in the treatment of injuries such as those commonly resulting from car accidents, certain types of work injuries and other types of accidents causing chronic pain and decreased function, among other medical issues.

While our therapy is available to anyone, most of our patients are those who have some kind of medical benefit available through an insurance carrier or government program. At this time, insurance carriers and benefits are usually different for auto injury claims, worker’s compensation claims and other personal injuries as opposed to benefits available through major medical carriers or through Medicare. We are able to bill and receive payment from the former directly, whereas the latter usually will not cover our services. This is why we mainly treat those with injuries, rather than others types of medical conditions that might also be helped by our in-home therapeutic massage.

When you come to us for therapy, our goal is to match you with a Licensed and/or Certified Massage Therapist who will provide you with the most effective therapy possible, and who also makes you feel at ease inviting him or her into the private space of your own home.

Neck, back and shoulder issues are some of the most common types of conditions we treat, however there are numerous other types of injuries and conditions which can be helped by massage therapy.

Learn more by following the links above and below, and contact us any day of the week to inquire further. You can call us at (888) 929-9355 or fill out our Therapy Request Form. We can usually get started within about one week from our first conversation with you.

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  • "I wanted to say I really appreciate all the help and am happy to have Naomi working with me in my recovery."

    —Aviva, Miami, FL